Save the date! Tokens4Change 2017 is on
Friday February 3, 2017 

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Tokens 4 Change raises funds for Youth Without Shelter, a shelter in Etobicoke that gives a home to 1,000 homeless youth a year.

Tokens 4 Change is focused on youth acting for youth. Throughout the year, we run workshops in schools (high school, university, college) based on the themes of homelessness. We bring in professional artists and encourage the students to build art in various forms that they then present to the public…art installations, street art, music, choreography, performance art and much more.

Then on one day in February, all the schools take to the streets! They can be found at TTC stations, PATH and office locations all across the city where they collect donations from commuters. At some locations the students perform live.

On Friday, February 3, 2017 Tokens4Change Day, many hands came together to change the lives of homeless youth. Over 500 volunteers, 17 schools, 12 companies and six arts locations with inspiring performers and artists canvassed in 27 locations lending their hands and voices to the cause.

Together with our Tokens4Change presenting sponsor, Tangerine, we are thrilled to share that Tokens4Change 2016 has raised an incredible $100,000! As we confirmed the final numbers, Tangerine asked us: “How far are you from your 2016 Tokens4Change goal of $100,000?” Answer: $7,756. And then Tangerine made it happen with an additional donation of $7,756. Together all of these funds will support youth transit costs and essential empowering programs at Youth Without Shelter. Check out photos from T4C2016.

Tokens4Change continues to grow!

2015: 450+ volunteers and raised $93,474.
2014: 450+ volunteers and raised over $79,000.
2013: 400+ volunteers and raised $90,000.
2012: 400+ volunteers and raised close to $75,000.
2011: 250+ volunteers and raised over $30,000.

Tokens 4 Change accepts donations for Youth Without Shelter throughout the year. Please click here to donate