Do you represent a high school, college, university or other educational institution in the Greater Toronto Area? If so, we could use your help!

Please contact us to add your school to our database. We will contact you at the appropriate time to offer the opportunity to host one of our workshops as well as volunteer on the day of Tokens4Change 2018.
Canvassing – What would you need to do?

  • Organise groups of up to 6 students and choose a shift during which they will collect donations (7am – 11am, 11am – 3pm or 3pm – 7pm) at a TTC station on the day of the event.
  • Throughout the day your students can head over to Tangerine Bank Cafe (221 Yonge St.) to interact with other T4C participants and enjoy a hot beverage.

Optional Extras

  • Your students could prepare a short performance that would be performed at our central performance event. In the past these have included dancing, singing, recitals of poems and other original works and beatboxing. You can bring whatever you like!
  • We can provide workshops through our talented arts partners.
  • We would be happy for your students to visit our shelter in small groups so that they can build an understanding of why raising funds for the work that the shelter does is so important. Alternatively, the Youth Without Shelter Education Facilitator can visit your school to conduct a “One Youth At A Time” workshop, connecting youth to the realities of homelessness in their own communities.
  • Create your very own school fundraising page to support Tokens4Change. Contact to share your idea!

How can this benefit your school?

  • Your students would be entitled to free workshops in preparation for the event.
  • The students who joined us in past years developed huge enthusiasm for the event and awareness of a variety of issues surrounding youth homelessness that has stayed with them even after the day itself.
  • Working towards the event can build skills including teamwork and project planning.